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Recruitment is a two-way process. It isn’t just about us finding the right people for our roles, it is just as important for you to find out whether EA Technology is right for you.

See what our people tell you about their roles and what it is like to work for us...


Hazel Surguy-Price – Head of Sales

Hi, my name is Hazel and I am the Head of Sales at EA Technology. I lead a team of eleven sales executives who manage customers across the electricity network operators and industrial sectors.

At EA Technology we are lucky to have a wide range of products and propositions that we can offer our customers, this results in very rarely having two days the same. Whilst there are many challenges it is an incredibly rewarding industry to be part of especially with the new Net Zero targets and luckily EA Technology is in a fantastic position to help drive this forward together with our customers.

The company itself is a big family. Corny, I know, but being employee owned ensures every member of staff has reason to make and drive it toward success. That also stands for its employees growth and development. Over a 6 year period, from starting as a project coordinator, I have been lucky enough to have opportunities to develop myself in order to get to my current position.

Corporate & Business Services

Jackie Clarke – Quality Manager

In my role as Quality Manager at EA Technology I support management in maintaining our established Quality Management System to be compliant with requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and to other applicable requirements, ensuring all documented information is established and maintained throughout the organisation. By working to this quality standard, we target best practise throughout the company and work to ensure that we provide a service that meets and hopefully exceeds customer expectation.

Welcoming new starters and providing the fundamental working knowledge of how we operate our Quality Management System is an important part of my job as it highlights individual responsibilities within the QMS and actively encourages participation.

My day-to-day work is very varied and can include internal audit work to ensure all parts of the business are operating effectively within the QMS. I also deal with the external independent audits of the company which involves planning to ensure that the audit runs smoothly and arranging appropriate meetings between the auditor and relevant members of staff. My role in the external audit involves meeting with the auditor, agreeing their audit plan, discussing any issues that we or the auditor may have and reviewing and agreeing the audit findings and report. I will then monitor progress against any issues that the auditor may raise. Other tasks include ensuring our Quality Policy and Objectives are regularly reviewed, monitoring and administering the company Representation and Complaints Procedure and meeting with the management team regularly to review all aspects of the Quality System.

I have recently celebrated my 32nd anniversary of working at EA Technology. During this time, I have had many opportunities to train, develop and progress and have had the pleasure of working with the most fantastic, knowledgeable, and influential colleagues and friends during this time. The opportunities and training provided to me have enabled me to expand my knowledge and develop skills that have supported me in my current role and more importantly help me to support others.


Ramiz Ahmed – Head of Monitoring Services

I am Head of Monitoring Services at EA Technology. My team is responsible for looking after a wide range of Condition Monitoring Service Propositions offered by EA Technology. This includes, partial discharge monitoring via Astute HV Monitoring Services, Lightning Location & Alarm Service, Low Voltage Network Monitoring using Alvin Reclosers and our ground-breaking product, VisNet Hub.

All of the services mentioned above are 24/7, 365 days a year, so essentially a day in the monitoring services team never really ends.

However, a typical day for myself (and most of my team) starts by catching up on all the alerts/notifications received during the pervious evening. We have various automated algorithms, and software that allow us to prioritise what events/systems need attention and in what order.

As most of the team gets busy with providing LV fault location analyses and getting in touch with customers regarding PD issues, I usually turn my focus on the long-term stuff.

At any one point, monitoring services team is involved in at least 10 long-term, large-scale, complex projects with various stake-holders, and everyone needs an update on what the systems are doing. Depending on the day of the week, I will have various internal and external meetings, these would be internal product/service development meetings, new quotes/proposals, customer update meetings etc.

Over the last 10 years, I’ve worked with various teams within EA Technology, this puts me in a unique position to be able to discuss ideas and provide support to other parts of business. So if needed, I would answer technical queries/questions from other engineers and sales team.

All this is done whilst also managing a team of brilliant engineers who continue to support and further develop the service offerings we provide to our customers, day in and day out. You get to learn a lot by exchanging ideas and experiences, and the meaning of team-work.

In conclusion, no one day at EA is the same. The breadth of exciting projects and propositions we deliver to our customers ensures there is never a dull moment. There is always something new to learn, new ideas to discuss, and new problems to solve, be it for a customer providing electricity to a large part of UK population, to a single engineer working on an offshore platform in the North Sea.


Helen Hanratty – Head of Marketing

• If you didn’t have this role at EA Technology which role would you like and why?

I am fortunate in my role as Head of Marketing for EA Technology, there really is a lot to love about being a modern marketer for a technology based global company in the energy sector. Our profession is getting more creative and more technical at the same time and my team pivotal in achieving that here at EA Technology. We can start with a great idea, inform it with up-to-the-minute data and share it with the world, all without leaving our desks. We write, create and build relationships across the business and externally with our partners and customers. If we’re doing the job right, we can have fun and actually, genuinely help customers at the same time.

That’s not to say it’s a stress-free, or that every day is full of hearts and flowers. My mission has always been to inspire and educate businesses and their leaders to be more discoverable, shareable and memorable. What I love about my job is that message has really resonated over the years and that when we all realise we are truly focusing on people and not just pixels, we’re able to help them transform things for the better.

But if I wasn’t in my current marketing role then it would have to be the role of CEO next – ‘the world is your oyster’ here at EA Technology!

• What piece of advice would you give to someone joining EA Technology?

For anyone new joining the company, my advice would be to get to know as many people across different functions within the business as possible early on.  There are lots of experts in the company who are very helpful and will always provide any information or advice you may need. I would also say to follow our social media platforms as you’ll quickly learn about the business, the market and the people – you can also contribute by taking part and engaging with our social media activity, –  another effective way to get familiar with the company quickly. My other advice would be to suggest your ideas and run with them. The company is very receptive to a positive, proactive and ‘can do’ approach.

• Give us three words to explain how you feel about working for EA Technology.

Three words – energised, interested, empowered.

Diane Maddison – Financial Controller

• If you didn’t have this role at EA Technology which role would you like and why?

I cannot imagine or wish for another role at EA Technology at present. My work experience and knowledge of financial departments fits my current role perfectly.

• What piece of advice would you give to someone joining EA Technology?

Don’t be afraid to ask questions, everyone is so friendly and helpful. It is a complex business, to learn you will require peoples help

• Give us three words to explain how you feel about working for EA Technology.

Passionate, motivated, satisfied

Annette Vickers – Administrator

• If you didn’t have this role at EA Technology which role would you like and why?

13 years ago, I started with EA Technology as a receptionist, followed a few months later to an administrative role in the Consulting Business. This role involved looking after consulting projects, travel and hotel accommodation for the team and the organisation of various customer forums for electrical and industrial companies amongst other things.

I remained in this role for 9 years and following a departmental reorganisation 4 years ago I returned to reception again but still under the Administrators umbrella. This enabled me to make full use of the knowledge I had gained in the business to help customers calling reception.

This role I particularly enjoy but if I did not have this I would either like to work looking after the admin side of projects again or either the logistics side of the business as this is an area I’m quite interested in following regular work I do for them.

• What piece of advice would you give to someone joining EA Technology?

The advice I would give to someone joining would depend on the role they were given. In general I would say familiarise yourself with our company values, be proactive in your role and if you need specific help please come and chat with me so I can direct you to the appropriate person.

• Give us three words to explain how you feel about working for EA Technology.

Professional, Innovative, Unique

Chris Fuller – Graduate Consultant

I’ve had the opportunity to work in several departments at EA Technology during my time as a Graduate Consultant. Each placement has introduced me to supportive colleagues and trusted me with interesting and challenging work. Personally, it’s also been very fulfilling to work at a company that supports the decarbonisation of energy networks in a myriad of ways.

Gavin Edwards – Graduate Consultant

I am positioned in the Data Management team, working on developing software for a constantly evolving industry, which presents new challenges on a daily basis. The organisation is filled with experts across a range of disciplines, many have helped me on my development path so far. I have spent time in multiple departments during my time at the company, all of which are tackling important problems, such as helping utilities push for net zero and building smart, reliable and safe electricity networks.