About EA Technology

50 years of power innovation

Originated in 1966 and headquartered at Capenhurst near Chester in the North-West of England, we started life as a research and development organisation serving the electricity supply industry. Our business is to provide innovative products and services, consultancy and training to our customers all over the world which will enable them to create safer, stronger and smarter networks both for now and in the future.

At EA Technology, we believe that success depends on great minds not thinking alike. Our work relies on the constant sharing of knowledge and the generation of fresh ideas. So, we have a collaborative approach that recognises people’s individual strengths, respects their expertise, and enables them to develop a variety of solutions.

No matter what you do, you will find an atmosphere designed to encourage open minds and attitudes.

Join one of our teams and you will play a major role in supporting EA Technology to deliver excellence in the delivery of products and service to our customers all over the world.

Corporate & Business Services

Like any other organisation, we rely on the expertise of our people in our corporate & business service teams. These include Health and Safety, Quality, Facilities Management, Finance and HR.


Our Operations Business covers a diverse range of teams from Data Management, Product Development, Service Delivery, Oil and Forensics, Logistics and Training.

Our large team of engineers are from various disciplines, they include Software Engineers and Developers, Electrical/Electronic Engineers, Forensic Engineers, IT support staff and Technical Engineers.


Our ever-growing Sales Team is responsible for growing the sales of our world class range of products, instruments and services, targeting the industrial sector.

Our current sales team consists of Strategic Sales Managers, Business Development Managers all of which are supported by the Sales Office Team.


Our Technical Business also consists of a large team of Engineers involved in Software Modelling and Platforms, LV Interventions, HV Monitoring and Consultancy.

There are various disciplines within the teams ranging from Data Analysts and Software Developers to Electrical Engineers.

And last but not least is our…


Our Marketing Team consists of marketing and digital marketing professionals (designers, social media and digital executives) who are responsible for the company’s marketing strategy, planning and activity delivery.